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3 Reasons Why a Mountain Resort Should Be on Your Travel Bucket List

For many people, the idea of a vacation brings to mind images of suntanned legs at the beach, plenty of ice cream, and an argument over who forgot the sunscreen. While these types of holidays are lovely, there is another option which you may not have thoroughly considered.

The mountains.

Think about waking up in the morning, and the first thing you are greeted with is a scene of stunning natural beauty: the sun peeking over the tops of mountain peaks. Sounds pretty good, right?

From the relaxation and fresh air, to the beautiful accommodations and pampering options, here are three reasons why a unwinding in a top-notch mountain resort should be on your travel bucket list.

1. The relaxation, silence and fresh air

Generally, one of the main reasons people opt to go on a vacation is to find some relaxation and respite from the stresses of daily life, and there is nowhere better to find that peace than at a mountain resort.

No matter what season you choose to visit, you can guarantee that a mountain resort is going to provide an oasis of tranquillity and calm. In fact, when it comes to Dubai resorts, the mountain resort is where the relaxation you seek will be found, away from the noise and the hustle and bustle of city life.

Additionally, you aren’t going to find polluted air in the mountains; instead, each day of your trip, you will be breathing in pure and healing air that will be beneficial to all members of your travel group.

Say goodbye to the idea that holidays have to be spent surrounded by crowds of tourists and locals trying to sell you things. Instead, you can opt to spend your time enjoying the facilities and the amenities of the resort while also feeling energized and rested.

2. The stunning accommodations

Mountain resorts are known for having ultra-spacious and incredibly comfortable accommodations for their guests to enjoy after a full day of exploring and taking advantage of the surrounding environment.

For example, if one day you choose to stay at a mountain resort in Dubai such as the JA Hatta Fort Hotel, you will be greeted by stunning individual sanctuaries to ensure you have a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

From the high-quality linens to the private gardens, from the views of the mountains to top-tier amenities and appliances (yes, that includes complimentary Wi-Fi), this will be a stay like no other.

What’s more, waking up to the Al Hajar Mountains is a bucket list experience in itself. This locale is known for its abundant greenery and is unique to almost any other place in the world. By following your travel dreams, ticking something off your bucket list and staying in the vicinity of these mountains, you will be able to enjoy the gorgeous sights while sipping your morning coffee.

3. The pampering options

Usually, the best mountain resorts come with a wide array of pampering options for you to take advantage of. In order to fully embrace a slower way of life and a sense of total relaxation, you will be able to treat yourself with spa sessions.

Whether you opt for massages, facial treatments, bath soaks, waxing services, or just a manicure and pedicure, you are guaranteed to feel like a whole new person by the time you leave.

If you are traveling with children, your idea of pampering may be to have some time alone. Luckily, mountain resorts are prepared for this and offer children’s pools or outdoor play areas, as well as an abundance of activities to keep the younger ones entertained throughout the entire stay.

Commit to trying something new, such as archery or golf, or remind yourself how to ride a bike. You never know — you may find a new family hobby!

Have you ever stayed at a mountain resort before? Is it on your bucket list? Why or why not? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Thomas Grundner is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for JA Resorts & Hotels. He has more than 20 years of expertise in the hospitality and leisure industry – across international markets including Germany, Egypt and Spain. Grundner oversees all sales, marketing and revenue efforts as the company continues to build on its key growth and development strategies and further cultivates its unique blend of “Heartfelt Hospitality” and “Casual Luxury.”