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5 Details You Should Not Miss When Asking for a Printing Quote Phoenix

If you always find yourself with half-baked printing quotes, there’s a chance it’s partly your fault. To be able to give accurate printing quotes, your printer needs to have accurate and in-depth information on the job.  Some of the details to include in your printing quote Phoenix request should include:

  1. Quantity

You printer wants to know how many pieces or pages you need printed. If you’re not certain about the quantity, you can state the different amounts within your range so you can compare prices.  Alternatively, if you are looking to print something like a book, choosing an ‘on-demand’ printer can make the cost of printing more manageable.

  1. Size 

Whether it’s a book or other materials, it is advisable to mention your preferred size for the material used for printing. For clarity, you should start with the width first followed by the height when mentioning the dimensions. For instance, 8.5” ×11”.

  1. Page count

The number of pages is commonly miscommunicated. A book with pages printed on both sides, counts as two pages for every page while most users consider it as one page. It is essential to make sure you’re on the same page with the printer so your printing quote Phoenix is as accurate as possible.

When indicating the page count of the book, don’t include the cover. Include the cover if the book has a Self-Cover (the cover is identical to the interior pages). Also, present the specifications of the cover separately to avoid confusion.

  1. Thickness and type of paper

Thickness and quality of the paper affect the cost of printing significantly. Expectedly, thicker and high-quality paper will cost more but produces better quality end products. Items like photographs require a different type of paper, and this too should be highlighted in the details.

For books, the standard texture and quality is the smooth white paper stock. If you prefer a different type of paper, let the printer know of this or any other specifications you prefer.

  1. Ink

Ink is also another intricate detail. Would you like the printing to be in full color, one or two spot ink colors? Will the cover be colored but interior pages in black and white? Do you want to use match ink?

To answer all these questions, you must have a good idea of how the end product will look. If you’re not sure, consult the experts. They will help you sort out the details before you relay them to the printer.

Accurate printing quotes are essential for budgeting. By offering the necessary details to the printer, you increase the accuracy of the printer. It is equally important to note areas to focus on like the page count to ensure both you and the printer are on the same page. Contact Biltmore Pro Print to get a quote.