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8 Reasons You Should Invest in Call Tracking

When a tradesperson knows their market well it means they are welcoming their customer but when a businessman knows their customer well then, the person is bringing great wealth and prosperity at their home.

Today call tracking has become so popular that everyone next to you and you will be using this function to get their business ahead of their competition. So, if you have a small business and you thought you cannot run good campaigns, ads for your business then today this post is going to prove you wrong.

  1. You want to segment calls by marketing channel

Those who will click on a paid search ad will see one number. And those who will click on an SEO listing they will see a second number. But those who will see a third, they will actually see real trade.

  1. You want to track calls like you do clicks

Call tracking gives you the ability to track inbound call like you track clicks. This provides a whole new opportunity for generating better and higher quality leads and results.

  1. You want to record calls for quality assurance

So yeah call recording helps you to have a good market. There first thing is that you will know your customer well. Secondly, you could record calls and listen to them.

  1. Determine which keywords are driving calls

This is possible when you use call tracking and you could know which keywords will be driving calls for you. When customers will reach to your browsing website then your number could be free up for another customer.

  1. Call management

Ringba’s dynamic call routing engine allows you to easily control and manage your call flow. For example, you can quickly create intuitive interactive voice response menus for gathering information about the caller before they are routed to an agent.

  1. Multi-channel attribution

It is something like a revolutionary when you record your customer’s complete journey. With the help of multi-channel attribution, you will be able to touchpoint which will lead to the phone calls.

  1. Correlate phone calls with website success

This is really a wonderful chance for taking your business ahead. When you will put your phone numbers on your website it will definitely bring good results for you and your business when you will put powerful contents it will give them a push to make you call.

  1. Dynamic number insertion

It is like a star to the moon, this function will as a matter, of course, assigns for particular phone numbers to visit which are based on their sources. So, you will have information about from where you are getting calls.


These were the top 8 reasons to invest in the call tracking. You can further check these call tracking tips to implement to make your system more robust and automated.

If you own a business which involved calls in any means, you must make use of the call tracking, IVR, and pay per call to get the best from the business.